About Ladies evening – the Choir

Damenes Aften (Ladies evening) celebrated in 2017 their 25th anniversary, and they can look back on 26 active years in the area of Hamar, as well as several trips to other countries. They have won gold medals in several competitions around the world, latest in Bad Ishl in Austerreich in May 2018, where they came home with 3 gold medals and a conductors prize.

About Ladies evening - the Choir 1

Bad Ishl International Choral Festival May 2018: Damenes Aften/Ladies Evening

In 2018 they also contributed in the Movie Sound Track on the movie Troll. The movie is sold to more than 50 different countries.

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Premiere at Troll, Hamar Kino, nov 2018: Damenes Aften/Ladies Evening

Since 2014 The Ladies Evening have filled the «Hamar kulturhus»18 times with different project choirs.

Some of the highlights are three 1st places and Grand Prix in an international choir competition Sligo, Ireland 2013. Further on three 1st places in both Vienna, Austria in 2009 and Riva del Garda, Italy in 2007, as well as one 1st place and two 2nd places in an international choir competition in Sligo, Ireland, 2005. Damenes Aften has recorded 2 CD´s.

Vinnere av Sligo International Choral Festival 2013: Damenes Aften
The winners of Sligo International Choral Festival 2013: Damenes Aften/Ladies Evening

The choir has also toured in Spain several times, and competed in a Habaneras-competition against some of the world’s best choirs. 
Damenes Aften is ranked as nr 13 among Top 50 choirs in Sacred music in Interkultur, Musica Mundi world ranking list and nr 53 among all choirs in their Top 1000 ranking list.

Erland Dalen is educated from the University of Oslo and Hedmark Universtity College. He is conducting different choirs and is touring all over the world.

Fotograf Jens Haugen
Fotograf Jens Haugen

Erland Dalen write music for choirs. He is also an adjudicator in international choral competitions.